Folger Consort 2018/19 Season


As Adapted and Amended by Sir William Davenant
With Music by John Eccles and others
Directed by Robert Richmond
September 4-23

Special engagement in partnership with Folger Theatre.

Shakespeare’s epic tragedy, with its dark and haunted banquet, is seen anew in Davenant’s Restoration-era adaptation which captivated audiences for most of the 18th-century. With music by John Eccles performed on stage by Folger Consort, this production features Helen Hayes Award winners Ian Merrill Peakes and Kate Eastwood Norris, reprising their roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth from the Folger’s acclaimed 2008 production. With strings, multi-instrumentalist Daniel Meyers, and soprano Emily Noël.



Early Music of Germany 
October 12-14

Autumn brings a flavorful array of festive music from the German-speaking lands, featuring colorful songs by 14th-century Tyrolean knight, adventurer, poet, and musician Oswald von Wolkenstein delight, along with quirky instrumental pieces from the 15th-century Glogauer Liederbuch. Later music by Heinrich Isaac and Ludwig Senfl reflects the opulent court of the Emperor Maximilian I in early 16th-century Vienna. With strings, winds, and tenor Mark Bleeke.


A Christmas Messe

A Banquet of Seasonal English Music
December 14-23

Celebrate the holidays with a repast of English music ranging from the earliest carols to later arrangements of favorites like Greensleeves by Vaughan Williams.  The Folger’s 1619 manuscript A Christmas Messe—recounting a tussle between King Beef and King Brawn—offers lively accompaniment to a main course of beloved Yuletide music. A wonderful Christmas feast indeed!  With strings, harp, organist Webb Wiggins, and an ensemble of voices.

In conjunction with the Folger exhibition Churchill’s Shakespeare, on display October 6 through January 6.


The Food of Love

Romantic Music of the Renaissance
Washington National Cathedral
February 8 & 9

As a prelude to Valentine’s Day, Folger Consort offers a magnificent buffet of romance and poetry with chansons and madrigals on food, drink, and passionate love by French and Italian Renaissance composers such as Janequin and Marenzio. Complementing the song is enchanting “table music” for strings, including selections from Schein’s Banchetto Musicale (Musical Banquet), composed as dinner music for the sophisticated courts of Germany. With vocal ensemble Les Canards Chantants and viol consort Arcadia Viols.

In conjunction with the Folger exhibition and the institution-wide project Before 'Farm to Table': Early Modern Foodways and Cultures.


Tastes of the Mediterranean

Music of 16th-Century Spain and Italy
March 29-31

Renaissance music of Spain and Italy offers a variety of tastes and flavors—from rustic to courtly to the sublime. Tuneful and lyric Spanish villançicos and Italian frottole express a wide range of emotions about food, drink, loss, and, of course, love. Instrumental works include lively dances and diminutions from Italy and some of the great wind band repertoire from Spain.  With soprano and wind ensemble Piffaro, The Renaissance Band.                             

In conjunction with the Folger exhibition and the institution-wide project Before 'Farm to Table': Early Modern Foodways and Cultures.