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    Building Renovation Project

    The main building will be undergoing a major renovation beginning in early 2020 to expand public space, improve accessibility, and enhance the experience for all who come here. The project is supported by the $50 million Wonder of Will campaign, which formally launched Apr 15 at the Folger Gala.

    Building Project The Wonder of Will

  • Helen Maybanks

    Harriet Walter

    Harriet Walter talks about gender in Shakespeare, recent roles, and her decades-long career as one of the most acclaimed performers on the British stage.

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  • A Monument to Shakespeare

    Learn about the extraordinary Folger Shakespeare Library building, designed by architect Paul Philippe Cret, and its modernized classical exterior and English Renaissance interior. Apr 13 – Jan 5

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  • Brittany Diliberto, Bee Two Sweet

    Folger Theatre: Love's Labor's Lost

    A young king and his three compatriots renounce the company of women in favor of scholarly pursuits. Their pact is immediately jeopardized, however, when the Princess of France and her companions arrive. Shakespeare’s delicious comedy is full of lovers and clowns, foolery and the follies of the heart. Apr 30 – Jun 9

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  • Mary-Anne Boermans

    Taffety Tarts

    Food historian and The Great British Baking Show contestant Mary-Anne Boermans writes about piecing together Folger manuscript recipes to learn more about these 17th-century pastries.

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The Pop-Cultural Legacy of Olivier's Richard III

Has any other film of a Shakespeare play left a greater cultural legacy than Laurence Olivier’s Richard III? Austin Tichenor explores why it's inspired so many and been so widely imitated.

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Drawing Shakespeare

Artist Paul Glenshaw takes a close look at Macbeth and the witches as he draws the "toil and trouble" scene from Macbeth depicted in one of the bas-reliefs on the front of the Folger building.

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Five Faces of Shakespeare

One of the many treasures in the Folger collection is a remarkable binding, known as a “Cosway binding,” that includes five miniature versions of works of art that are said to have shown how Shakespeare once looked.

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Shakespeare is our middle name. We are stewards of a precious resource of world heritage and culture—a living tradition that offers something truly elevating.
  • Love's Labor's Lost this spring

    Mind vs. Matter. Game on. A king and his three confidants renounce the company of women in favor of scholarly pursuits. Their pact is immediately jeopardized, however, when the Princess of France and her three fair companions arrive. Directed by Vivienne Benesch. On stage April 30. 

  • RSC Live: As You Like It

    Don't miss Rosalind and Celia's journey into the magical Forest of Arden at the Folger on Monday, May 13 at 7pm. Director Kimberley Sykes directs a riotous, exhilarating version of Shakespeare's romantic comedy, called "Inventive, playful, captivating" (Daily Telegraph). Arrive early to enjoy behind-the-scenes content from the RSC.

  • Folger Poetry: Kay Ryan on May 7

    Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Kay Ryan shares her favorite poems by other poets and reads from her own work at the Folger Poetry Board Reading on May 7 at 7:30pm. Wine reception and book-signing will follow this annual reading.

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