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Mistaken Identities, Misrepresentations, and Changes of Mind in Twelfth Night, Lesson 3 of 3

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May 2010
Harvey Sadis recently retired from teaching second grade at Cascade Elementary School in Seattle, Washington

Plays/Scenes Covered

Twelfth Night

What's On for Today and Why

This final lesson in the series is best done after students have begun scene work on the play and are ready to get up and on their feet with the script in hand.


What You Need

Folger edition of Twelfth Night
Available in Folger print edition and Folger Digital Texts

Teacher prepared data sheet example (see data sheet example in Lesson 2)

Leather or cloth garden gloves

Red and yellow cards

Twelfth Night
What To Do

Students should have their completed scavenger hunt (data sheets from Lesson 2) in front of them and, perhaps, a gauntlet (or glove) to throw down, or a red or yellow card (as in a soccer game) to hold up.  If color cards are used, a red card should be used for the most severe deceptions.

As an student actor speaks the deception on the "stage," students are encouraged to gently toss a glove at the feet of the "offender" or to hold up a card to interrupt the course of the scene.  Student audience members must clearly state what the deception is, whom it is meant to deceive, and what seem to be the causes of it.  The interruptions should be quick and to the point, allowing several students to weigh in on each deception noted.


The teacher might lead the class in compiling as complete a list of deceptions in the play as possible.  Each group of students (using the same groups formed in Lesson 2) could be assigned a group of scenes to review for deceptions contained within them. 


Once the deceptions are out in the open, students might be asked to assume a character and to write persuasive letters that tell their side of the story.  The deceivers will certainly have their reasons, but they will have to explain themselves to everyone's satisfaction.

How Did It Go?

Did the students demonstrate an understanding of what the terms of mistaken identity, misrepresentation, and changes of mind mean? Were they able to cite examples of these terms in the script and to defend their choices? Were the students able to write persuasively as the character to explain their deceptions?


If you used this lesson, we would like to hear how it went and about any adaptations you made to suit the needs of YOUR students.

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