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"Picturing Shakespeare: Creating Illuminated Texts"

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Shakespeare. Shakespeare's sonnets. London, 1899

June 2009
Glenda Funk teaches at Highland High School, Pocatello, ID

Plays/Scenes Covered
Sonnet 55
What's On for Today and Why

Students will analyze a Shakespearean sonnet of their choice by creating an "illuminated text" using Photostory or Garageband if using a Macintosh computer. Understanding the Shakespearean sonnet takes more than knowledge about its structure; students better comprehend the sonnet's complexity when they engage with the imagery that informs the sonnet. Illuminated texts necessitate close reading that engages students in a creative activity leading to a more thorough comprehension of the text.

What You Need

Access to computers

Sonnet photostory
What To Do

1. Show the sample illumination of Sonnet 55 and tell students that they too will create an illuminated text.

2. Have students choose a sonnet to illuminate.

3. Have students identify and circle the most important images in each line of the sonnet.

4. Have students create a storyboard or a similar plan for the illumination of each line of the sonnet. On the storyboard, students will identify the type of image they will use in the illumination and justify their choice.

5. Have students choose images from digital photos, clip art, or google images. Remind students of any limitations relevant to your teaching situation.

6. Have students use Photostory 3 to illuminate their selected text, adding music if desired. Encourage students to select at least one image for each line of the sonnet.

7. Have students share their finished work with each other.

8. Optional: Have students compose a critical comment of their sonnet as it is reflected in their illumination, or have students swap sonnets with another student's illumination as the basis for a critical comment on the sonnet.

How Did It Go?
Did students succesfully complete their projects? Did they enjoy viewing and express enthusiasm about the sonnets? If so, you have hit a home run!

If you used this lesson, we would like to hear how it went and about any adaptations you made to suit the needs of YOUR students.

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