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Oral commentary in Richard 111

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April 2009
Mark Miazga teaches 9th (MYP) and 11th (IB) English at Baltimore City College High School in Baltimore, MD.

Plays/Scenes Covered

Richard III 1.2

What's On for Today and Why


Students will use the website ChinSwing to practice delivering an IB Oral Commentary. In preparation, they will listen to a podcast of a model IB Oral Commentary from the 1.1.74-111 and then score according to the IB Rubric. They will then receive instruction about how to use the ChinSwing website.

What You Need
  • Internet access, preferably with LCD Projector and speakers
  • Thread started on Chinswing.com Oral Commentaries.

New Richard III passage – suggested 1.1.74-111. Students must be able to annotate.

What To Do


  1. Pass out “Notes on the IB Rubric” handout and review.
  2. Listen to podcast of “Preparing for IB Oral Commentary,” located at my website: http://mr.miazga.googlepages.com/folgershakespeareportfolio
  3. Listen to podcast of “Richard III Commentary Example,” also located at my website: http://mr.miazga.googlepages.com/folgershakespeareportfolio. Students should take notes according to the rubric and score the podcast.
  4. Pass out new passage (approximately 40 lines from later in 1.2 (121-164 a suggestion).
  5. Homework: Students must deliver an IB Oral Commentary on the Chinswing website. Teacher should have thread started already. Explain registration and specifics in classroom and have student recording a testing message on website before leaving for home.
  6. Students must have commentary on website by start of class the next day.

How Did It Go?
At the end of the lesson, the teacher should assess students’ color-coded annotation (not whether it is “right,” but whether student has engaged in genuine grappling with the text) and thesis statement.

If you used this lesson, we would like to hear how it went and about any adaptations you made to suit the needs of YOUR students.

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